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Please view our selection of fashionable designs similar to

Kath Kidston, Marimekkoand other popular European and

Americandesignfabrics for home decorating….

A large selection of exotic fabrics from nautical to floral from

around the world. Many types of decorative themes for all

seasons to create your home in any style.

Decorating styles can be from modern, classical, country or mix

styles and still be up to date.

We wholesale and retail many beautiful fabric designs for

home decorating.

Coming soon:

1.Davina’s home decor revival add - on’s in a flip book - coming soon!!!

Remodeling and Home Design
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Μια μεγαλη επιλογη τωνυφασματωναπο ναυτικα και λουλουδια απο ολο τον κοσμο. Πολλοι τυποι υφασματων με διακοσμητικα θεματα για ολες τις εποχες για να διακοσμησετε το σπιτι σας σε οποιοδηποτε τυπο στυλ δωματιο απο παραδοσιακο, μοντερνα, κλασικα η μικτες μορφες και να εξακολουθουν να ειναι ενημερωμενο. Υπαρχουν τοσοι τροποι να χρησιμοποιησετε τα υφασματα στο σπιτι- καναπεδες, καρεκλες, τραπεςομαντιλια, κουρτινες, μαξιλαρια, κρεβατια , ριχταρια και πολλα αλλα στο σπιτι σας.

Beautiful fabric patterns for homes, hotels, yachts, special

occasions and many more…..

MayHome Decor Forecast is:

Feeling Springy? Temperature is rising slowly. Time to move

your home decor accessories + furniture outside! Will it be on a

freshly mown greengrass in your backyard? or on a porch facing

the beautiful scene of mountains or a breathtaking view of the

deep blue ocean… Happy May Everyone!!!

May -must have decorative accessories

1.scented candles in bold colors

2. Large olive trees in Terra cotta pots

3. Yellow canary chairs

4. Retro Spring chair cushions

5. Spring watering can in Green

6. Spring ottoman in Green stripes

7. Kettle Barbecue grill

8 + 9 - Cute colorful garden cart + table to match

Color combination palettes for MAY

1. cool white 1. mission wildflower

2. mossy bank 2. wild horse

3. yellow gold 3. elk hound

4. feather gold 4. bed of roses

5. wind song 5. violet mist

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