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Color of the Year


Natural Green


A refreshing, zesty and vibrant color that will bring life to your home decor. Lets not forget fashion wear always translates home decor...

A large selection of exotic fabrics from nautical to floral from

around the world. Many types of decorative themes for all

seasons tocreate your home in any style.

Beautiful fabric patterns for homes, hotels, yachts, special

occasions and many more…..Decorating styles can be from

modern, classical, country and many more.

We wholesale and retail many beautiful fabric designsfor

home decorating.

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Pink florals decor style Classy style

Υπενθύμιση - Ολα τα υφασματα δεν ειναι διαδέσιμα στην ιστοσελιδα-

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Μοντερνα με φλοραλ και ριγε Toile du Jouy σε μπλε- κλασσικο στυλ

Μια μεγαλη επιλογη τωνυφασματωναπο ναυτικα και λουλουδια απο ολο τον κοσμο. Πολλοι τυποι υφασματων με διακοσμητικα θεματα για ολες τις εποχες για να διακοσμησετε το σπιτι σας σε οποιοδηποτε τυπο στυλ δωματιο απο παραδοσιακο, μοντερνα, κλασικα η μικτες μορφες και να εξακολουθουν να ειναι ενημερωμενο. Υπαρχουν τοσοι τροποι να χρησιμοποιησετε τα υφασματα στο σπιτι- καναπεδες, καρεκλες, τραπεςομαντιλια, κουρτινες, μαξιλαρια, κρεβατια , ριχταρια και πολλα αλλα στο σπιτι σας.

Davina’s Fabric Pattern Pick for this MonthFebruary:

are 4colourfulpatterns

pink tulips, pink roses, red roses and cupcake pattern

These patterns are not only for Valentines day, they are for

every day decor to add a touch of color inside a home.

Get started on a Valentines decor , still have time to decorate.

Fill up those empty vases with roses and tulips.. smell the scent

of the flowers , be super happy inside your "house of love”.....

Happy February! psst! do not forget to place yummy cupcakes

inside adecorative basket....

Fabric Uses:

- heart shaped pillows or other decorative pillows

-table setting , runner, place mats

- gifts for any occasion (not only for V-day) -

gift bags with ribbons , handbags in any size

and more...

Another trend that is becoming very popular is fabric patterns

are not only for home decor. People are creating their own

fashionable bags in any size with fabrics patterns from Davina’s

shop... Here is a beautiful handbag created with our horse pattern

from one of our customers.

Simply chic decorating-sign
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