Winter Fabrics

You will find many winter fabric designs to choose from and offer very competitive wholesale and retail prices. Decorate your dream house with bold and colorful patterns from chenille, velvet, plaid and many more. Our decorating patterns can be used for living room, dining room, bedroom or office to make you feel comfortable with your family and friends.

Here are a few examples of the many winter themed fabrics that we offer.

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dashing ducks blossomed butterflies

playful cats Venetian in pink and red

teapots chickens

A bunch of red roses Hydrangea in red

wild stallions wilderness pattern with bears + moose

# 01 # 02( not available)

spiced red + pink leaves spiced leaves in green and teal tones

# 03 # 04

touch of red on leaves ( not available) dark crimson florals

# 05 # 06

Striped pattern in rustic colors striped pattern in red and mint green

# 07 # 08

carnation in teal tones carnation in blue tones

#09 #10

carnation in terracota - burnt ochre tones Mix of lilac florals - (a little note

this pattern has dark background)

# 11 # 12

pastel carnations in mix of florals in black background

off - white background

# 13 # 14

vintage english striped in gold Aztec pattern available in goldcolour

( not available)

π2Kalamiotou 19-23, #210-3235311Davina2011